Alternative Medicine

Chai L’Adam is working with the “Rafael” Guidance Center for Alternative Medicine.

The Rafael Center specializes in locating the right therapists to help callers with different medical conditions, and their database includes acupuncturists, herbalists, homeopaths and naturopaths of all disciplines. “Rafael” stands for Refuah Alternativit (“alternative medicine” in Hebrew) and is run on a voluntary basis by Mrs. Rachel Dvir from Jerusalem.

Rachel has compiled a list of recommended therapists located around Israel, including the principals of several alternative medicine training centers who advise on which type of therapist to recommend for different medical problems. Rachel has checked their training, qualifications and experience, and requests recommendations from their patients before adding them to the Rafael database. Rafael offers free advice but cannot help with funding alternative medical treatments, which are not generally funded by Chai L’Adam.

To receive free advice on the most relevant alternative therapist for you or for a close family member, call Rafael between 8am – 10am and between 9pm – 12 midnight on 052-286-9104.