Chai L’Adam

Chai L’Adam’s mission is to save lives by raising funds for people in Israel experiencing medical crises.
When a person is beset by health or accident related emergencies, they have interrelated problems
associated with both their health and their finances. Chai L’Adam is a charity in Israel which helps
to pay for medical treatments and medications which are not provided by the government or health funds.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers, with no office or overheads, so that its entire annual budget of $500,000  is used to help those most in need.

Chai L’Adam has been funding urgent medical treatments for Israeli citizens from across the social spectrum for over 30 years. Thousands of people have been helped and many lives have been saved. Our patients come from all walks of life – religious, secular, traditional, old, young, from all over Israel.

Victims of accidents and medical crises often cannot keep regular jobs or are unable to provide their
normal salaries. Furthermore, there are additional expenses including transportation to and from doctors, hospitals and treatments, uninsured medication, extra babysitters for the family, special diets, and more.

Because of medical advances, there are many expensive clinical procedures and medications which are not provided by the Israeli government or health funds, and complex operations for which people must travel overseas. Because of Israel’s difficult economic situation, there are always more people needing treatment than their funds will allow.

Our mission is to help alleviate the financial burden on the families contending with expensive medical problems.

Our motto is taken from our Sages’ wise words: “Whoever saves one soul of the Jewish People it is as if
he saved an entire world.”

Hear the inspiring story of the young man whose eye was saved thanks to Chai L’Adam, after he was injured in a bomb in Jerusalem: 

Watch this heart-warming 4-minute video to find out more about the work of Chai L’Adam: