Hospital Apartments

Chai L’Adam has access to two apartment buildings providing temporary accommodation free of charge to the families of patients in nearby hospitals.

There are 8 studio apartments near the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, and 8 studio apartments near Hadassah Har Tzofim in Jerusalem. Both buildings are dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Nechama Sara Rosenfeld, who was involved with many medical charities during her life.

Each studio apartment has 2 beds, a small kosher kitchen and a bathroom. They are designed to be used on weekdays and particularly on Shabbat, when it is difficult for patients’ families to find kosher accommodation near the hospital. The Jerusalem apartment building is run together with Rav Meir Peretz and the students of his Nefesh Yehudi program.

To reserve an apartment, please contact Rav Meir Peretz on 0525-610-157.