Holistic Health Workshops

Chai L’Adam runs workshops for proactive health and dietetic advice for illness prevention. They bring together experts on various aspects of preventative healthcare, who give advice on practical steps that people can take in order to reduce the need for medical intervention in the future.

In 2022, Chai L’Adam ran a very successful workshop with the following speakers:

  • Rebetzen Rachel Bazri – a homeopathic nutrition advisor, who spoke about the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle choices.
  • Dr. Yoav Kamkaji – an MD doctor who spoke about preserving and improving brain health.
  • Dr. Yochaved Fabian – a senior nutrition lecturer who specializes in solving health problems through nutrition.
  • Mrs. Hadassah Dvir – Director of the “Kivun Echad” center for holistic emotional therapies.

In light of the positive response and demand for our workshops, we are preparing to expand this activity. Our goal is to provide more insight and knowledge among the public, in order to not only help patients cope in times of need, but also to prevent medical problems from arising.

We believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!